For Whom:   Students of higher learning in the IT or Engineering field

Where:   University or College campuses in the Twin Cities

Subject Matter:  a)  Goals and Objectives. Effective mentoring to youth at risk
                          b)  Sharing the Onward Bound Outreach experience
                          c)  Knowing and understanding the mentees - potential valuable human
                               resource -- finding common ground -- things to be thankful for
                          d)  Sharing the Gateway to Manufacturing Program delivery CD
                          e)  Freedom in variations of the Gateway to Manufacturing template
                          f)  Brief overview of the Powerpoint assist tool, laptops, and measuring
                               tools, Solidworks Draftsight software download
                          g)  Partnership and gathering long term progress data

Outreach:   a)  Choosing an agency or transition facility to mentor in
                   b)  Interview the agency staff
                   c)  The Department of Human Services background check
                   d)  Appointment for the delivery of the Gateway coursework
                   e)   Securing the equipment needed for the course
                   f)    Execution of the course
Benefits:   a)   Opportunity to engage and inspire (leadership essentials)
                 b)  Add new dimension to your academic credentials
                 c)   Share your Onward Bound experience with others
                 d)   Foremost is to gain a mentee friend!  Don't forget the Baskets of Hope* call